Sunday, January 8, 2017

Imagineerland's 2017 Refresh

As I promised at the end of the last post, Imagineerland has now gotten a bit of a graphics refresh. Still similar to the old style, but a little cleaner and with a better color scheme, the refreshed logo references the hub and spoke park layout and the main header now adds the Shanghai castle to the complete roster of worldwide park icons.

The actual color scheme is based on the Disneyland Peoplemover poster. I loved the clean crisp color concept of the poster, so decided to adapt it here. The light and dark blue pairing suggests progress to me, so I thought it was fitting.

The graphics on each and every image that I have ever posted also need to be updated with this new style. That is not something I have gotten to yet because frankly it's going to take a while. So just ignore that incongruity if you look back in the projects. All new posts and new media will use the new style and its going to look great.

I've also added a more complete top posts section to the right. I picked a selection of posts that were both popular and that I think are some of the best work. Those projects also got new logos and will be the first to be updated with the new graphics. So go check those projects out if you haven't already.

In addition to this restyling, I have been working hard on a project that you are getting very soon! Tuesday morning American time will be the first new design post of the year: The Indiana Jones Adventure flume coaster / EMV hybrid that I proposed for the Disney Studios Paris Park.

It is a really cool concept and the post has some video elements that I put a lot of time into and am pretty happy with. Check back Tuesday for that post. Its a great first post for what I hope to be a great year at Imagineerland!

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